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Interactive Reports

Search UIC space data by Building, Admin Code, College Code and Department Code. This report also allows you to include the following columns: Building Name, Admin Name, College Name, Room Use, Room Type, Division, Division Name, Campus Code, Department Name, School Code, School Name, Area and link to a floorplan.

Campus Space by Room Use Codes

View UIC space data by:

Campus Space Assignment Report

View UIC space data NASF and NUSF by Vice Chancellor, College, School, Department and Organization.

View UIC room area totals by Banner-level assignment (Vice Chancellor, College, School, Department and Organization).

Building Level Reports

View UIC East Side, West Side, Leased and Regional building information including Occupancy Classification, Construction, Type, Date Built, NASF, NUSF, GSF and Building category. Additionally, you can click on a particular building to drill down to floor and room level details as well as Room by Room, Assignment and Room Use reports.

Historical Data

Campus Space Utilization Report

View UIC space data per space utilization category as of the latest Space Survey.

Room By Room Report by Survey Year

View Space Survey data by selecting desired Year, Building Number, College Code and Organization Code. Search results include detailed room information including Room Number, Area, Function Code, Banner Levels, Room Use, PI and Grant.